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Charity auction tips

1. Advertise the event items beforehand

Put descriptions or a short list in the invitations or emails before the event, enabling people to plan ahead of time to buy them at the real event. A great-looking catalogue will promote your great items to potential bidders. It helps produce word-of-mouth and enthusiasm for certain items well in advance of the auction.

2. Advertise your auction items at the event

It’s key to have a detailed list or descriptions of the things being auctioned – and on the tables at the event.

You need to make the most of every chance to play up these items before an enthusiastic crowd.

3. Best items are those with an experience or unique value

You want unique items that you can’t purchase anywhere else. Things of an “experience” can be invaluable – much better than something with a tangible cost.

4. Plea or gift and silent auctions after the live auction

People may not have given all their money at the live auction, and they can go and bid again on the file and give money to the plea. A pro auctioneer really can make all the difference.

5. Money over atmosphere

Bring up the lights and turn off the stage spotlights. I can’t tell you how many auctions I’ve been to where there was low or no lighting on the items.

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